General Health Knowledge and Processing Capacity in Older Adults

While there are many factors that influence health, general health knowledge is among the most important. General health knowledge can be obtained through education and through experience. Knowledge about general health is important for using remedies at home, preventing injuries, and seeking medical attention for serious conditions. The importance of general health knowledge cannot be overstated. People who have sufficient general health knowledge are better equipped to make informed decisions and use them to their benefit. Further, acquiring general health knowledge will help them live healthier lives.

The study evaluated the relationship between general health knowledge and processing capacity in community-dwelling older adults. The results showed that higher health literacy scores were associated with greater processing capacity and more knowledge of hypertension. These findings suggest that general health knowledge and processing capacity are interrelated and influence each other. Although the correlations between these two variables are weak, they indicate that the relationships between general health knowledge and specific health knowledge are significant. Consequently, this research should not be taken lightly.

The questionnaire posed 36 questions based on the findings of the World Health Organization. Each question contained five items. The total score was the percentage of respondents’ knowledge of health behavior and general health knowledge. The score was compared to the theoretical average for the sample by using a single t-test. The sample was randomly chosen and the number of questions was divided by the number of respondents. The results were then tabulated to estimate the prevalence of disease.

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