What Are Dental Braces

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances used to realign misaligned or crooked teeth. These devices can be used for cosmetic purposes or to realign a jaw. Although orthodontic treatment is available for all ages, children between the ages of ten and fourteen are the most common ones. Generally, an orthodontic treatment takes from six months to two and a half years to complete. During this time, the patient will undergo a series of procedures, including fitting and adjusting of braces and the installation of spacers.

Dental braces are made of metal or plastic brackets that move your teeth in a systematic manner. Most patients choose metal brackets over clear ones, but the latter is a more expensive option. However, clear aligners are not as effective as traditional braces and do not correct all malocclusion issues. They are also expensive and cannot move all your teeth at once. Some dentists use a computer-assisted system called the suresmile system. This involves the use of special scanners to scan your teeth and transmit this information to specialized labs for analyzing the results. It is a fairly new procedure, but is not widely available.

Once your braces are made, the next step is installation. The procedure is a complicated one. The wires must be threaded and are designed to respond to the heat from the patient’s body. The success of this procedure depends on how well the wires are threaded. Once the braces are installed, elastic bands and special dental glue are used to hold the wires in place. Depending on the size and type of braces, the process can take up to two months to complete.

Clear aligners are another option for people with braces. They are custom-made appliances made of plastic. Their aesthetic benefit is that they are almost undetectable. They can be removed for brushing or eating. But they are expensive and may not move all your teeth. Another option is the suresmile system. A computerized system consists of scanners that scan your teeth. Your dentist can send this information to specialized labs and create a 3-D model of your teeth. It is highly effective and comfortable, but the downside is that it may not be available for all dentists.

Dental braces are a common way to straighten your teeth. It’s a simple process that will require you to have regular dental appointments. After you’ve received your braces, your orthodontist will carefully thread them to achieve the proper results. You will be able to see your teeth while wearing your new braces. You will be able to eat a variety of foods, but you shouldn’t eat foods that are sticky or hard.

While dental braces can improve the appearance of your teeth, they don’t provide immediate results. The entire treatment process can take anywhere from six months to three years. In addition, you’ll need to visit your dentist for regular checkups to have your braces adjusted. While you might not have to go back to your dentist as often, the process can be beneficial for your oral health. The right orthodontic device can fix your smile and give you the confidence to smile!

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