Can I Go to Any Planet Fitness Location Around the World Free of Charge?

Black Card membership provides access to any Planet Fitness location worldwide at no charge – making this membership ideal for travelers. In addition, members have access to tanning beds and total body enhancement machines known as Beauty Angels.

Planet Fitness is generally suitable for beginners or people with general fitness goals; however, powerlifters or serious strength athletes should look elsewhere for training facilities.

Black Card

Unlike the Classic Membership, the Black Card allows you access to any Planet Fitness club worldwide – perfect for people who travel frequently or must shift locations frequently. Furthermore, you’ll benefit from unlimited guest privileges and product discounts!

Discounted drinks at the gym are another huge money saver; plus the Black Card program also offers additional perks such as tanning beds and hydro-massage beds!

Planet Fitness is an ideal gym for beginners or people without specific training goals, although not recommended for lifting heavy weights or competing. Their $10 monthly plan offers affordable general fitness workouts; perfect for people on tight budgets. In addition, its membership also helps them keep on track with their fitness goals during holidays!

Classic Membership

With the Classic membership, you can visit Planet Fitness locations around the globe – however, your use is restricted to 10 visits in any month; additional visits require payment of an annual franchise fee – perfect for people who travel frequently!

The classic membership provides a basic selection of amenities, including locker room and shower access. Furthermore, this plan includes access to fitness trainers for free training sessions as well as WiFi connectivity and other perks – plus take advantage of infrared sauna and massage chairs as additional perks!

However, our Classic membership may not be ideal for individuals looking to pursue intensive bodybuilding or powerlifting training, since it does not include barbells or squat racks. Instead, this membership provides individuals with an affordable yet user-friendly workout space; not recommended for athletes looking to increase their one rep max or train for competitions.

Bring a Friend

Planet Fitness’ guest pass program enables members to bring a friend for free into the gym – this provides newcomers to exercise an opportunity to test out Planet Fitness before making up their mind about joining. However, guests must be of legal age and must bring an ID in order to verify their identity.

Planet Fitness guests have access to all equipment available, such as squat racks and free weights, locker rooms and showers as well as the free Wi-Fi service and social area. In addition, five days a week they offer group training sessions which guests can attend free.

Guest must observe the gym rules, including not dropping or grunting weights and wearing crop tops or booty shorts; this helps foster an inviting, non-intimidating environment.

Foreign Branch

Planet Fitness is an international gym franchise known for offering beginner-friendly environments for gym goers of all levels and experience levels. They boast one of the largest membership bases worldwide and feature amenities such as fully-stocked cardio sections, HydroMassage machines and tanning beds as well as an online application allowing people to test out local clubs free.

Black Card holders may only visit foreign PF locations 10 times each month and may incur a franchise fee to use these facilities. If they need more frequent visits than this, it may be worthwhile to transfer their membership over.

Planet Fitness personal trainers are certified and knowledgeable experts when it comes to exercise and weight loss, offering guidance and help when using equipment or achieving your goals. Furthermore, they can create a workout plan and give tips for maintaining results after they have been accomplished.

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