What is the Best Gut Health Supplement?

Maintaining gut health is more than a way to reduce bloating and digestive issues; it’s an integral component of overall bodily wellness. A quality gut health supplement can improve digestion, energy levels, immunity levels, weight regulation and skin health – as well as aid weight regulation and regulation.

L-glutamine, a popular supplement used by TikTokers to ease bloating, has been shown to support healthy digestive functions while strengthening the gut mucosal barrier and controlling inflammation responses.


Chamomile is an essential ingredient in digestive health supplements, as its medicinal uses are widely recognized to soothe stomach spasms and intestinal inflammation. Furthermore, it may assist gastrointestinal balance by hindering Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria linked to stomach ulcers. Finally, chamomile can also alleviate nausea while decreasing gassy episodes among those living with IBS.

This ingredient works in conjunction with peppermint leaf to soothe intestines and relax muscles, making it one of the top digestive health supplements. Furthermore, this herb may even promote bile flow to aid in the breakdown of fats more effectively.

Probiotic supplements containing chamomile can come in pill, capsule or liquid forms. Supplements containing prebiotics are especially beneficial for your gut microbiome as the indigestible fibers feed probiotic bacteria and help improve gut lining health – Thorne Prebiotic+ contains both chamomile as well as additional benefits like green tea extract and pomegranate extract for example. When selecting your ideal gut health supplement be sure to look for reputable brands, high colony-forming units (CFUs) as well as an expiration date before making your selection decision.


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is an anti-inflammatory that has been proven to aid digestion by decreasing gas buildup in the GI tract, stimulating bile flow and relieving nausea caused by pregnancy. Furthermore, research indicates it reduces nausea and vomiting associated with pregnancy.

L-glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, yet during times of stress it becomes essential. Studies have demonstrated it’s ability to help increase digestive enzyme production as well as manage inflammation.

Gut+ is a shelf-stable probiotic supplement with 40 billion CFU that’s specially tailored to women. It includes four strains known to promote gut health, plus Ashwagandha (an anti-inflammatory herb known for stress reduction and immune support). Plus, there’s also a marine polysaccharide complex to shield the beneficial bacteria from stomach acid while prebiotic fiber provides food sources. Plus it comes with a 100% money back guarantee!


Wormwood can be taken as an herbal supplement to alleviate Crohn’s disease symptoms, aid digestion and promote regular bowel movement. Furthermore, its antioxidant properties may help fight oxidative stress as well as parasitic infections.

Bitter compounds of cannabis stimulate taste buds and digestive systems, including salivation and stomach acid production. Furthermore, bitter compounds may also stimulate bile production from gall bladders as well as reduce abdominal spasms while possibly even killing parasites like tapeworms in your intestinal tracts.

Note that wormwood contains thujone, a compound which can be toxic in high doses and lead to seizures or hallucinations if consumed excessively. Because of this risk, US-purchased supplements must be thujone-free; prior to beginning any course of wormwood use it is also wise to consult a healthcare provider regarding use as it could interfere with seizure disorders or cause kidney problems in individuals who may already suffer from them.


Fiber is an integral component of a healthy diet and studies have linked its consumption with reduced risks of several chronic health conditions and improved nutrient absorption in the digestive tract. Unfortunately, however, many individuals don’t consume enough fiber in their daily diet; an effective gut health supplement may provide them with enough of this vital nutrient while offering other potential health advantages as well.

Probiotic and prebiotic supplements provide essential support for gut health by increasing beneficial bacteria populations. Look for supplements with high CFU counts and multiple strains – such as those from Lactobacillus or Bifidobacterium genera.

Bauer Nutrition’s Clear Gut and Immunity Probiotic Blend contains 20 billion colony-forming units to promote digestive health, prebiotics and the patented probiotic Bacillus subtilis – as well as offering dairy-, gluten- and GMO-free supplements with 60 day money back guarantees and free shipping!

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